Associate Membership


You are cordially invited to become a “Partner” of the Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents.  UAIIA has streamlined the sponsorship process for insurance companies, wholesalers, and vendors that support UAIIA on a continual basis. 
We are confident our Partners will appreciate this “one-stop” approach to supporting UAIIA and our members.  Becoming a UAIIA Partner guarantees you high-profile, year-long exposure to members of the Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents.  Becoming a Partner eliminates multiple solicitations throughout the year, as Partners write one check and receive continuing benefits. 
Support the Agency Distribution System: Your backing makes it possible for UAIIA to develop affordable, quality programs that enhance the professionalism of Utah’s independent insurance agents.
Significant Savings: The value of the various benefits you receive as a UAIIA Partner far exceeds the cost!
Unique Perks: Many of the perks you receive as a UAIIA Partner are not available to the other companies – at any cost. 
First Pick: Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Partners are guaranteed first pick of sponsorships and exhibit space at the UAIIA State Convention.
No Hassle:  We will not solicit money from you again this year.
As a supporter of the UAIIA, I would like to remind you of our 501C scholarship fund.  Please see the link below.
We are excited to make this change. Please contact us with any questions or concerns as we launch into this program. 
Thank you for your support!  Cheryl