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Serving Utah Independent Agents since 1919

New DOL Regulations: Is Your Agency Ready?

Check out these Big "I" resources to help your agency adhere to the new regulations by Jan. 1, 2020.[+]

Why Well-Written Job Descriptions Are Essential to Candidate Response

Can you guess how many job applicants don't respond to poorly written job descriptions? [+]

 News and Information

PIA Advocacy

PIA Advocacy is a one-stop shop for independent insurance agents to get timely updates on what's happening on Capitol Hill and on state and federal regulatory issues. We encourage you to share blog posts on social media and with your colleagues. You can visit the blog anytime at Also, following the blog is easy! By doing so, you receive an email each time the blog is updated so you don't miss anything. [+]


Powerful Digital Solutions for independent agents. For IAs today, digital marketing matters. With information as close as a mobile device in a person’s pocket, online is where today’s digital disruption to business begins.[+]
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